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Hello world!

Hello world!

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Adam Madej
Adam Madej
Gameplay animator nerding out about (technical) animation related topics.

After overcoming some challanges of webdev (and trying to understand how networks and DNSes actually work) I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to my personal website! I envision this space evolving over time to not only serve as my online portfolio/professional site but also as a digitalized repository of my Notion/Confluence notes and tutorials on animation, rigging and working with blender/Maya/Unreal Engine and possibly other DCC softwares. My hope is that it becomes a valuable resource for anyone who stumbles upon this site.

In addition, I’ve taken the opportunity to apply my front-end webdev skills (probably absorbed while working within front-dev team as UX/UI designer some time ago), I am actually using GoHugo framework using the beautiful Blowfish theme! I’ve also took my time to properly setup everything to work on GitHub Pages.

As this posts marks the first blogpost, what better way to start than:

Hello World!

Ps. Stay tuned for more updates and tutorials.